Xonar D2X vs HDAV 1.3

can someone please give me an advice between the two cards.

while i do play games i probably use my computer (outside other uses) 80% of the time for music-movies.

which of the two would provide me the best sound quality?

i do have a pair of HD555 headsets as well and i atm currently use the Z-5500s (however a possible receiver upgrade can happen within the near future).

any advice would be much appreciated.
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  1. I just read some bad reviews for the 1.3 but i forget where i was. Don't know about the dx2

    I have used the dx1 and it is what i recommend. About $80 on newegg, we hooked it to a bose system and the speakers were holding it back.
  2. thanks for your reply.

    but ive actually read some good reviews but i was wondering if between the two theres any substantial gain in sound quality.
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