Memory Working??

I built a new PC:

ASUS 6E Motherboard
i7 920 CPU
6G Kingston Ram
Nvidia Quadro 570
2 500G HDs
Vista 64

When I look at the "system" info from Controll Pannel, I see all 6G of Ram, but when I run applications (Cyberlink Powerdirector8) the Task manager says I am using 67% of my RAM, but that is a little more than 1G.
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  1. Not sure what you are saying? could you be more clear. Perhaps include a screenshot for ultimate clarity.
  2. Check in your My computer options how much ram gets listed and how much is usable.
    For example:
    Mine is 4GB installed (3GB usable)

    And check how much ram is used in Task manager.
    Not the %, The number.

    And post screenshots.
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