AMD 435 X3 Overclocking help

Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H motherboard

I've been trying to overclock my cpu for awhile with some less than satisfactory results. I took my voltages off auto and set them to:
DDR2 Voltage-2.0v (stock is 1.9v)
NorthBridge Voltage-1.3v (stock is 1.1v)
SouthBridge Voltage-1.3v(stock is 1.2v)
CPU\NB VID-1.3v(stock is 1.125v)
CPU V-1.425(stock is 14.25v)

I've read a few threads of other people having trouble overclocking with Gigabyte boards (namely odd voltages). I've read a few overclocking guides for my chip and all they say is the CPU voltage they used is 1.375 and they could get up to 3600mhz stable on air. I have had no such luck (max so far was 3200mhz stable) and I am wondering if it has anything to do with voltage?

my current overclocked settings:
Reference clock-250
cpu multi-x14.0
NB multi-auto
HT multi-x8
DDR2 multi-x3.33

This overclock puts me at 3500mhz and boots into windows, however it blue screens after a few seconds on Prime95. RAM is usually 800mhz so with OC it is 833mhz, which I also loosened the timings a little, so that's not the problem.

Anyone with any advice?
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  1. Try lowering the ram multiplier so you can totally rule out any RAM problems
  2. I agree, I don't know what ram you have but just run it at 800mhz to rule that out. You don't need to overclock the ram to overclock the cpu.

    Also put your n/s bridge voltage back to stock. Hopefully your not using the integrated graphics cause that would be the problem.
  3. I have a steady overclock now with 250 reference clock, 3250mhz cpu, 2000 HT link, 2500 NB frequency. The voltage I used to achieve this was 1.4V. It says that my cpu is 1.425V stock, can I increase my voltages above 1.5V as long as I keep my temps below 55C? I want to try and raise my cpu multi to try and get a higher cpu speed, currently at X13 of X14.5
  4. Can't really help any further since you failed to answer the questions about ram and integrated graphics.
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