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Hey, just finished over clocking my 630 propus, I'm at 3.36 GHZ with 1.38 v to the core and I'm happy with that considering I'm a total noob. My question is kind of a story; I bought a hyper 101 because the local comp store had one for super cheap and I thought why not try it. It turned out to be great (on stock idle was around 40 c, on prime it hit 67 c but now it's idle 28 c and on prime 48 c) but I really wanted a push pull configuration but no matter what when I added a pull fan I get a vibrating noise. I put on the damper pads and made sure the fans were balanced, why all the noise? I'm not going to mess with it, above temps were with one fan so why would I, but I'm curious.
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  1. If you've used damper pads two things come to mind..

    1. are you sure it's your CPU making the noise any not something else?
    2. have you got a fan cable touching the blads slightly causing the noise?
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