Might be a stupied question but if i hook up a fan with a molex adapter will i be able to adjust the speed of the fan?
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  1. You would need something like this
    Or a 4-pin molex to 3-pin mobo adapter, which can be a pain to locate.
    May be simpler to buy a fan with a 3-pin connecter.
    Am going to buy this fan,but i noticed it came with a molex adapter and that would be good considering i only have 3 fan slots on my mobo.My question is if the fan is hooked up to the PSU directly can i still control the fan speed in the bios?,i'm under the impression that if a fan isn't directly conntected to the mobo you can't control it's speed.
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    Unfortunately, you can't control a molex connection in the bios. I do know that there are 3-pin splitters allowing you to connect two fans to one mobo slot (2 max).
    Here's an out-of-stock one I found
  4. Basicly like an extension cord for fans?Will it have any problems deliever good power to x2 2000rpm fans?
  5. No problems as long as you don't go beyond two on a connector. There are several cpu heatsinks with dual fans off of one header.
    I've used them before with one fan as intake and one as exhaust for balanced airflow.
  6. What if i used the molex adapter what do you think the fans speed would be?
  7. High. Try them that way first and see how you like it. You can always change it later.
  8. Yes i guess i could...When i enter the bios it lists 3 fan's and i only have 2 that are in the mobo,i'm guessing the 3rd is the PSU fan,maybe i could see how fast they are going in there but i'm sure it will work out.
    Thankyou you've been a big help
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  10. The third is your CPU fan.
  11. well i have 2 fans and a pump is plugged in to the CPU port becuase i have a H50 liquid i think i only have 2 unless the pump has some kind of RPM i dunno about.
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