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I a planning to buy this mobo in the next 2 weeks..its called
Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H and this mobo comes with integrated ati 4250..and i am going to buy a radeon 4850 1gb gddr3..can i crossfire the integrated 4250 and the 4850?
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  1. Unless someone knows first hand, the MB online manual would supply that information.
  2. i saw the manual..and it does support crossfirex..question is ..the intgrated is ati 4200 and im buying a ati 4850 1gb card...for crossfiring will i need a cable to hook up the two video card or it just works like hooking the video card and crossfiring them in vista through a program..because there is no cable for crossfirex that cmes withthe xfx video card or the motherboard
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    I use an ATI 3450 in native crossfire with a Radeon 3200 onboard chip, 780G chipset. The MB manual should state which cards will work with the 4200 onboard chip. No cable is needed. Just enable crossfire in the ATI CCC driver software. Onboad crossfire is a weak solution.
  4. so i can enable crossfire with onboard app of i can try to enable and see how the 4200 and 4850 go together..thanks badge and other peeps..thnks for the answers quickly :)
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