Adobe Flash & my single core Celeron D 3.2GHz don't mix, I guess?

My dell inspiron e1505 with integrated graphics ( ATI Radeon X1400) and a Core Duo dual core processor rips through flash content even when connected to my 22' monitor. I started having issues awhile back on my desktop with flash taking up a lot of cpu usage on webpages esp. with ads that have a lot of moving things and hd video which can cause the scrolling to be laggy at times. I used to not have problems at all with this stuff. I updated my video drivers (Nvidia Geforce 8400GS) to the new version which is 186.18. I reinstalled adobe flash player also. Im going to buy a dual core processor anyway in the near future so it's not a big deal but it gets annoying at times on some webpages. Oh and keep in mind, games run fine & my gpu is running like it should. Any fixes for this?
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  1. Ok Im confused... you have a laptop already with a Dual core and you plan to get another Dual core?

    And how are you running a nVidia drivers with ATI card? Did you upgrade the card?
  2. No i was just using my laptop to compare to my desktop which is having the issues. I plan on buying a Intel Pentium E5200 Wolfdale 2.5GHz for my desktop here soon.
  3. flash does not really agree with weak cpus theyll be updating it to use graphics acceleration soon (way too late) but for now its solely reliant on cpu
  4. O.k so you have onboard graphics and you added in an 8400GS?

    Anyway it has nothing to do with your GPU. Your CPU is slow. that's all there is to it. Flash isn't too efficient with CPU cycles (though it's better than it has been), especially if the programmer is just trying to get it to work. After all, a low end target machine now would be an original Core2Duo or an Athlon X2. Developers aren't testing their flash apps to make sure that people with old Celeron 3.2Ghz machines are having a pleasant experience. You add the fact that many sites, like this one, often have multiple flash adds and you get a crummy web experience. So, don't open as many browser windows/tabs, or upgrade your CPU, like now.
  5. My foxconn mobo. didnt come with any graphics so i put in the 8400GS. I figured I'd have to upgrade my cpu eventually because single cores are just plain out of date now. Thanks for your help guys, my next purchase will be a dual core processor.
  6. ^Wait! You can't just "upgrade to dual core" you have to make sure motherboard/BIOS,etc are all compatible.
  7. Its compatible, its a LGA 775 socket & it supports dual core but thanks for the heads up. :D
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