What processor is worth the money

i need help on selecting what processor is worth the money or what is the best one for a budget
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  1. This is my build right now
    Amd 5600+ at 2.9ghz
    bfg 450w at 18a
    4gig ddr2 1066
    nvidia nforce 8200 series motherboard
    evga 9500gt oc'd to 700mhz

    i need help to know what to upgrade or overclock for a respectable gaming expierence
  2. you could buy a phenom XII,but i suggest you buy a better graphics card(4850 should do the trick)
  3. I disagree, I think that Athalon will feel sluggish and slow. I would get an E5200 or 7750 BE and overclock them. And I would stay away from nvidia chipsets, they suck donkey balls.
  4. Try something like this:

    CPU and mobo combo:
    or this one if you can spend the extra, it will give more OC headroom:

    or if you can afford this upgrade:

    Case: Free shipping saves you a bundle. This case is well cooled, and roomy too at a great price.

    PSU: $10 off promo code: EMCLRLN23

    or if you can afford to upgrade: (comes with a free game too) but you may need a better PSU for this...although 30A on the corsair should be fine.
  5. Right now your bottleneck is the 9500GT video card.

    What overall budget are you working with?
    What size/resolution monitor will you be using?
  6. Quote:
    Why would he buy a new mobo and new 2.5ghz processor when he already has a 2.9ghz processor capable of 3.1ghz? Doesnt make sense.
    And why a new power supply? His power supply is perfectly capable of running at least a 4850.

    I got the impression those were the items he was thinking about buying, not that he already owned them. If he does own them already then yeah no need to buy new ones.
  7. the mobo bios says i cant overclock the processor, is there a program to do so
  8. i currently use a 19 inch monitor at 1440 by 900
  9. HD 4850 or GTS 250 sounds about right for that res, then if you have extra cash upgrade the CPU to PII 720. Wait a week or so though to see if prices drop on the current GPU's out, the release of the 4890 and GTX 275 will put pressure on the current offerings to go down in price hopefully.
  10. Can some one help me on overclocking the processor
  11. i have the xfx nForce 730a MCP mobo w/ one PCIe 2.0
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