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Both my Hd's failed one failed then my psu overvolted the second. Can i use a laptop hd without issue its a 2.5 inch Sata HD. Any issues with this?
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    I'm assuming you're trying to use a 2.5" drive in a standard PC case. As long as you can mount the drive somewhere and get power and data cables attached, it should work fine. I don't think I'd try turning the PC on until you've replaced your PSU first or you may risk killing another HD.
  2. Yes you can use a 2.5 hard drive as long as it has a sata plug, but u will notice a performance decrease over the failed 7200 hard drive.
  3. @Hawkeye22 The first HD that failed failed because it was a pos then when it failed it overvolted my other one my HD is fine and it works fine.

    Its been going the same speed if not faster. Less cluttered and far newer so im pretty happy thx for your replys.
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