New build w\ i7 920 Running hot (51c idle and 81c load with Prime95)

This isn't my first system build, but it's my first one in 3 years.

I've got a i7 920 (D0) with stock cooling. I initially used the factory thermal paste, but was getting even higher temps. I just applied Arctic Silver 5 (using their instructions) and i'm still getting temps I consider pretty high compared to all my AMD builds in the past. I'm using a GB UD3R Mobo and my case is an Antec P180 which has pretty good airflow over the CPU.

Default bios settings (turned off intel acceleration) and stock heatsink.

I'm worried I've got a crap CPU? can I exchange it at Microcenter worse case scenario?

any suggestions?



p.s. I'm using Real Temp 3.00 to monitor the temp.
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  1. actually my idle temp is down to 45/45/47/42 which still seems kinda high. This is my first INTEL build ever.
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