Would e8400 system with 9800gtx be powered by coolermaster 420w36amp psu

Hi i was wondering whether the 420w power supply that comes with the coolermaster elite 330 case, would power my system. the specs are e8400, 4gb(2x2gb) kingston 800mhz ram, LG 22x combo multi cd-rw/dvd-rw, either gigabyte or palit 9800gtx,W.D. 500gb 7200rpm sata hdd & a 120mm & 80mm fan
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  1. No. Do not get a Coolermaster PSU unless it is from the Real Power Pro series. That one that comes with that case is low quality.

    And I think its a 350w psu...I haven't seen any 420w psu's that come with that case. If you found one post a link to it.
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