Overclocking e6550 2.33 GHz - suggestions?

Hi guys,

So I'm working with a late 2007 Dell 530 that uses a Core 2 Duo e6550 at the stock 2.33GHz. I'm running 3GB RAM and a beefy PSU.

I was running a 8800GT (circa late 2007) and just jumped to a GTX 460 1GB. It was disheartening to see that I didn't get much of a jump in performance in Team Fortress 2 and after installing the EVGA Performance monitor and looking at my CPU spike while I play I'm pretty sure that the issue was with the CPU all along. Oh well, I'm better off with the new video card for the future regardless.

So the question is now the CPU. I haven't had a need to dabble in overclocking for many years and I'll rely on the community's experience on this one.

1) Is it worth overclocking my e6550?

2) What kind of performance boost might I expect to see if overclocked?

3) What OC settings should I aim for?

4) What software should I use? I've seen Prime95 and Intel Burn Test mentioned.

5) If this isn't worth overclocking...should I look into a newer CPU or just jump to a new CPU+motherboard?

Thanks for your help, guys.
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  1. You won't be able to oc it if you have the standard dell motherboard. You can check in the bios to see if you can increase the front side bus. I over clocked my e8400 to 4ghz and it made a difference.
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    Yes, dell motherboard won't allow you to OC your CPU. But you can try it, it won't hurt to try...
    Yeah, you need more speed on CPU, going from 8800GT to GTX460 without more speed on CPU isn't going to take you anywhere...
  3. Thanks guys. From what I'm seeing I agree with you. I'm stuck with this FSB locked down on the stock motherboard.

    So what's my best bet going forward? I could...

    - keep the CPU, get a new motherboard, increase the FSB
    - keep the motherboard, get a faster CPU
    - get a new CPU and motherboard...and if so, any recommendations for the best price/value set that will also fit in this case? Would my 4GB of PC2-6400 memory instantly become the new bottleneck to deal with?
  4. No, don't worry about that PC-6400, it still good enough.
    Are you sure the normal motherboard would fit into dell case? If yes, then you can buy a new mobo and overclock your E6550. Conroe chip is great, you can bump it to above 3.0GHz easily with increasing only a little VCore (1.33V-1.4V)
  5. No, I'm not sure. I'm hopeful since I otherwise like the case. Heck, the case, motherboard, and CPU are probably the other stock pieces I didn't swap out.

    Any good form factor websites that I should check out as far as figuring out which motherboards will fit this case?

    Going from 2.33GHz to 3.0Ghz sounds like a nice boost...
  6. Well, If that's the case then you'll better with cpu upgrade way, since I'm not sure whether other mobo will fit or not...
    Just a little advice, next time, BUILD your own PC. :)
    For now, I guess there's nothing you can do, you can stick with your current PC for now until you build a new one.

    Note: what Dell 530? i can't find the correct one on the net.
    Is it Dell Precision 530 like this one:
    But I doubt it...
  7. I am pretty sure it is the 0RY007 discussed here:

    ...and by the sound of it this case won't be too friendly with other motherboards.

    So I think max CPU would be a jump to the E8500 for ~$200.

    Check my logic here but that seems like a less than great solution to buy a CPU that has been out for 2+ years and put it into a board that doesn't allow any OC.

    So I guess I'm better off either living with this thing or biting the bullet and getting a new CPU+motherboard+case+cooler+RAM. And since the December Tom's $1000 build seems to have a lot of negative comments I might reference the September build instead:,2735.html
  8. Yes, agree with that one, next time BUILD your own PC, do not buy pre build PC...
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  10. Hello everyone, I have the same system Dell Inspiron 530 with a Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6550 (4MB L2 Cache,2.33GHz,1333 FSB).

    I thought there was an upgrade to a 3.00GHz CPU, but I do not think there is such a thing.
    So my question is can I upgrade the CPU and if so to what without changing the motherboard?
    Doubt the Q6000 CPUs will work on this motherboard.

    RAM is already maxed out (4GB reading 3.25GB WinXP Pro) so no upgrading there.

    Was looking for a simple upgrade to get a little more out of the PC if possible.

    Thanks in advance,

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