Disk boot failure insert system disk?

So I just finished putting together my computer.
And within maybe ten seconds of turning it on, it gives me this screen:

So yeah.
I'm checking EVERY connecting right now.
But, help please?
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  1. Is this a new hard drive and never been formatted and OS put on it??
  2. Sorry.
    I forgot that part.
    It's a brand new WD 320GB Hard drive.
    And the only Hard Drive in the computer.
  3. You have to install the optical and boot from the OS disk first time.
  4. The message says that it can not find a Drive with a OS on it, thats all. It doesnt mean that there is no drive.
    Check if the Drive is recognized in the Bios and if it is than follow Xthekidx's advice.

    If the drive is not recognized it would be helpful to know what drive you have Sata or IDE.
  5. I've tried putting a Disk with an OS on it in the optical drive.
    Win7 and Ubuntu.
    I'll try my Vista recovery disk for my laptop in a moment.
    It's SATA.
  6. You need to set the boot order in the bios to cd/dvd so it will boot to that OS disk.
  7. its not the boot order i have this problem with all new motherboards. You have to plug in an ide drive instead of a sata but i just purchased a new motherboard that doesnt have an ide port so i am pretty much out of options
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