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OK I have two drives C:XPPro NTFS, and D:98SE FAT32. I use a third party dual boot program OSL2000.
The first sign of problems. I was doing a normal windows update with XP when error messages popped up and read Data was lost on the D:98 drive. I rebooted in booth drives and everything seemed normal.
Two or three days later the XP drive started making noise and wouldn't boot so I hit the reset button and it booted just fine. We began to reload XP on another hard drive and restore programs and data. That is when the problems got worse.
After we reinstalled XP we tried to open the 98 drive within XP and it prompted us to format the drive. We looked at the property's and it read that the drive format was RAW.
We then purchased Data Recovery Wizard which worked perfectly. Got all the data, reinstalled 98se. We are up and running. My question is What could have caused this to happen in the first place?
I am concerned that if it happened and I don't know what caused it than it could happen again. I was told that the computer could have been doing a checkdisk that was interrupted. I can only guess that something with the dual boot status of the computer has caused this but I don't know what.
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  1. I guess it can be hard to answer this won. To many variables. I am mostly concerned that a windows update on the NTFS drive could effect a drive with another file format FAT. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  2. It is easier to break a FAT than a NTFS. When the computer is doing maintenance check (chkdsk or defrag) it should not be abruptly stop like power interruption cause it will crashed your OS especially the one using FAT and it could happen also to NTFS.

    What I did to my neighbor's computer (old PC) I partition it for windows XP and windows 98e and the third partition for data then you can use a imaging tool like acronis or norton ghost to clone the hard disk to another hard disk. If it gets corrupted again I simply clone it again from the original.

    I have tried the CD/DVD clone or the partition image (on same disk the image files are saved) but the hard disk clone is the best.
  3. I say you were very lucky you acted quickly and got all your data back, and even luckier that it is up and running fine now. If the drive was making noise, you could have a bad hard drive and it is only a matter of time before you start having issues again. On the other hand, older versions of Windows, like 98. seemed a suffer data corruption fairly easy to the boot sector as anyone who used to overclock older machines will tell you. A bad or unstable overclock would many times result in an unstable or unbootable OS drive that would require a repair install.
  4. If the second drive was around since Win98 days, the drive just went bad. If you are using it, stop and get another drive. The file system would not cause any issues with the noice or the drive appearing as RAW.
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