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Ok so here is a quick question for which I am kinda stumped on. My 2nd build with Windows7 64bit and when I go to the properties of my computer it says I have 4gb installed but in (...) it says 3.5 usable. I was understanding that in 64bit you have access to the full amount ? My 1st system build just says I have 8gb memory and nothing afterwards both are Windows 7 64 bit systems.
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    check in bios : memory hole ramping still enabled , u must disabled
    & sure u don't use VGA onboard because it use sharing memory max 512MB
  2. Yup, onboard graphic use shared memory system (RAM) as it's VRAM.
    Otherwise, do what henydiah said above...
  3. Thank you very much. That does make sense now. I am using on-board graphics on this build for a while.
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  5. thank's
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