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I am building a rig of my own meant mostly for gaming and surfing the internet. I plan on getting Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (20gb of memory) and I was wondering if putting it onto a SSD would be a good idea. From what I've heard, putting the OS onto an SSD makes everything boot faster. If that's the case, then can I just buy an SSD and install Win7 straight to it as I'm putting everything together? Also, what's a good size to get for an SSD? Please and thank you for details, answers, and suggestions.
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    Yes, that's exactly how you do it. You install the OS and a current game or two, or an important application to the SSD - everything else goes on a second disk, your "D" drive.

    You need to make sure you don't fill the SSD, keeping it under 80% full. A 120GB drive is a very nice choice, allowing more than you'd think to fit on your "C" drive - and load quickly.
  2. Why should I keep it under 80%? Does it lose efficiency after that point? And... oof, these things are expensive... The lowest priced 120gb SSD on Newegg is around $230. I bought a 2TB HDD for only $90...
  3. Please try to read about SSD on this section (Useful SSD Articles). SSD is expensive though it boot up much faster than the HDD but it also has problems. I have a gaming rig I stick to 640Gb full of games and 1Tb secondary drives I use for my movies and audio files. I use 2Tb for external storage. But yes I have a SSD bootable rig and it work.
  4. Spending money on an SSD is a little like buying a Ferrari to drive in New York City. You'll beat all the taxis to the next stop light, but you won't get home more than one traffic light faster.

    They are expensive, have a tiny impact on gaming relative to their price, and should not be used if they cause a budget constraint. You are *far* better off buying a $75 Samsung Spinpoint F3 1tb HD for "C", and putting the remaining money into gpu, cpu, or your pocket.

    Having said that, its really nice to get Windows up quick, and WoW loaded when I am late for a raid :)
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