Small form factor upgrade to Mini/ATX case

I have an HP DC5100S small factor computer that will only accept low profile PCI cards. From what I can tell this restriction is as a result of the small form case and not the motherbaord itself. The mother board has 2xPCI expansion slots and 1XPCI-e slot.

I want to install normal PCI cards into the motherboard - but obviously can't as a result of the size of the case. As a result, I am looking at removing EVERYTHING out of the current case (power supply included) and place in to a case that will allow me to utilise full sized PCI cards.

Is this possible and if so what cases would securely hold the motherboard and it's power supply? Mini/ATX?
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  1. has the antec 300 case for $49.99 with free shipping. They also have the antec basiq 500w power supply for $47.99 shipped. This may seem like alot, but these items will last for years. You may be able to hold off on the ps upgrade, but now is a good time to do it. If you want to do some gaming, this ps will permit you to use a decent pci-e card. But you will have to change boards to upgrade the video; your pci-e slot is only 1x.
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