Building right now - Need Quick Answer

I am confused by the manual. I am building right now my new rig with a GA-EP45-UDR3R board. The manual is unclear whether I need to attach both ATX-12V plugs from the PS. In th emanual on page 22 it has components 1) ATX_12V_2x4 and 2) ATX.
On page 23 it is not clear if I need to attach both?
Please advise!
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  1. 8 pin if you have that on your PSU.
    For those that only have a 4 pin ATX that will be enough.
  2. Yes you need to attach both the 4x2pin and the 20/24 pin cable from psu.
  3. THANKS!

    Much appreciated guys! I am posting already from new rig and CD boot of Ubuntu!
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