$260 upgrade

Current Machine Specs

P4 3.0Ghz HT processor code 530J 1MB L2
1GB DDR ram
X800 XL
Intel 915GRO motherboard
FSP Group PSU- Blue Storm Ax500-A 500W Rt( this is the first version of this PSU and I think its A1.1 which is 15A with dual rails and I dont know if they can be used at the same time on this psu)
250Gb hardrive
Cooler Master CM690 case.
20in Lg widescreen monitor with max resolution of 1440X900, 2ms response time
Win XP

I'm looking to upgrade this PC with $260 to spend(shipping included).

Currnet specs are ok for internet usage but i want to use it for games playing at 1440X900.

1) So im looking at upgrading any of these or everything below
CPU,Mobo,Ram and a GPU that my powersupply can handle.(This is challeinging and I need your help)
For the GPU I preffer the ones with large fans that are quiet (something along the ICQ, or Arctic Cooling type. That is just an example and it doesnt have to be those brands))Reason being is that the case is right next to the monitor and I use This PC for School work, studying....
I love everything computer related so no brand preference AMD,Intel,ATI,Nvidia

Games interested in playing Withcer, Unral Tournament 3, and some newer games if its not asking much such as fallout 3,Age of Connan, Crysis?(not likely), left 4 dead.

Also, want to make the build somewhat balanced and if CPU needs overclocking im interested in that too.

2) Additionaly my other queston is if hardware is changed reinstall is highly recomended, however when i bought this pc which orriginaly used to be Sony Viao RG30 it didnt come with a recovery cd(win XP) but instead i hade to make one with 12 cds. Since I have not done this before will the restore cd's recognise the new hardware and install or will there be problems with it.
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  1. sweet nice find, only thing im worried about is the cpu, if i was to lets say spend $20 more and get a E5200 would that be equivalent to the overclocked version of the e1200?
  2. LOL that Youtube Video is awesome, havent seen anything that good in a while.
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