SSD work around

hey guys!!! :hello:

i am building a pc on a shoestring budget, hence cannot go for a SSD :sarcastic:

so i was considering a work around for fast storage

here it is

i see enthusiasts using ssd for os and programs while hdd for storage

can i use a high end hdd (160-250gb) for os and games while a low/mainstream hdd of maybe 500gb-1tb for other storage

will i see any significant improvements with this setup?????
if yes kindly suggest make and models for this :D
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    Sure, you can do as you describe, but the gain in performance is going to be marginal (compared to a SSD). As long as you are using current/updated drivers with your OS, along with just about any modern HDDs (SATA 2 or better), you will be fine. Good luck!
  2. then maybe i will go with a single 500/1tb hdd

    segate baracuda 7200.12 are good??
  3. Pretty good drives. Should serve you well. Good luck!
  4. thnx a lot :)
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