How key is HDD speed to World of Warcraft performance?

I'd like to find out if it is worth bringing my HDD up to par with the rest of my system or not.

I've got a fairly decent gaming computer with one glaring hole in the build ( my HDD ). If I run my Windows experience index - all my system scores come in at 7.3 or 7.4 with the exception of my HDD which clocks a paltry 5.9 score. My HDD is 1TB @ 7200.

The rest of my system is comprised of an i7 920 @ 2.67 ... 12g of DDDR3 ... a 750w PS ... evga GTX480 graphics card ... Windows7 x 64 ... and I run the game on high settings with a 27" LCD monitor @ a resolution of 2560 x 1440.

Now as it pertains to gaming - I've heard conflicting opinions on whether HDD speed/performance is important or not. I've heard that it is only for loading the game and that after it is irrelevant. I've also heard from others that WoW is constantly loading from the HDD and so the HDD is important.

If anyone is able to share some thoughts on this I'd very much appreciate it.

Thanks in advance! Lyphe
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  1. Only affects load and save times. It will not increase frames per second if that's what you want.

    Your 7200 RPM drive is only scoring a paltry 5.9 because 6+ reserved for 10K RPM drives, and the even faster SDDs.
  2. Are there are portions of the actual "gameplay" that interact with the HDD that you know of ( World of Warcraft in particular )? Is it fair to say that upgrading my HDD to something much faster would see zero net benefit to "in-game" play?
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    you probably won't see a large improvement in performance

    like jaguarskx said, you need either a ssd or a high-speed (10k rpm+) drive to score above a 5.9 in the WPI. Don't worry about your WPI score too much (it doesn't really mean much).

    i have both a 10k drive and a 7200 rpm drive and the performance difference between the two is almost impossible to see...

    i'd recommend sticking with your current drive
  4. Great and thanks.
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  6. SSD will load wow quite a bit faster if you want to spend the money. I think the average time to login is still over 1min, and about 18 sec with an SSD

    Edit: you can search for some vids of ssd loading wow vs HDD
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