High-End Gaming PCs Consume Lots of Power?! I'm Shocked. Shocked!

It’s no surprise that a quad-core, overclocked gaming system with a 1,000-watt power supply and dual-chip 3D card sucks up energy. We also weren’t shocked that the Digital Storm PC drew more power by itself than even the most inefficient all-in-one, which includes the power draw from its display. But once we crunched the numbers, we admit we didn’t expect to find such a large disparity.

Consider the following comparison, drawn from the power consumption tests in each system’s review:

Annual power consumption cost – Apple iMac (24-inch, 2.66GHz): $16.20

Annual power consumption cost – Sony Vaio LV250B: $29.40

Annual power consumption cost – Digital Storm 950Si: $118.27

Annual power consumption cost – Digital Storm 950Si (2.4 gaming hours/day): $134.77


It's nice to see power consumption quantified into electric bill costs. But I'm still tempted to say "and in other news, water is wet..."
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