Please recommend a MB

I am getting a system from a coworker that needs a new MB. The current one...I don't know.

In the tower:
Athlon 64X2 5600
BFG 550W power supply
BFG 8800GTS 320 OC
SB X-Fi card
2GB Corsair DDR2 800mhz
Case - ??

Looking to spend $100 - ~140 at the most. I'd rather stick with a quality brand. SLI would be nice.

Anything other info to help make the decision?

Thank you!!
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  1. You cannot run SLI on an AMD motherboard.
  2. dude! do a google search for amd am2 motherboards with sli and you will find tons of options from all of the major motherboard manufacturers in the price range you are looking at. good luck. also have the powersupply checked out before you hook it up to your new board as it may have been the reason for the failure in the first place.
  3. jimmyz41 said:
    dude! do a google search for amd am2 motherboards with sli and you will find tons of options from all of the major motherboard manufacturers in the price range you are looking at. good luck. also have the powersupply checked out before you hook it up to your new board as it may have been the reason for the failure in the first place.

    I know what I can find (did search, as you said there are a ton), but asked for a recommendation. A board that users here have tried, liked, and would buy again within that price range (heck, maybe cheaper).
    I don't know. That is why I'm asking users instead of sellers.
  4. i see.i have not built an athlon based system in several years. the last on was a tbird based system so that dates it. my general experience though with amd based motherboards are gigabyte msi and asus make very high quality parts and you would not gp wrong with one of them and the nvidia chipset that supports sli. good luck with your search
  5. Man! Your equipment is such a close clone of my dear old M2N-E that I can't help replying (even though I admit lacking the deep, deep knowledge people on these forums have).

    I don't deny a bias for ASUS, so if I REALLY needed to swap my M2N-E---and somehow REALLY wanted SLI---I would personally look hard at an ASUS M4N72-E ($115 @ Newegg as indication, but shop around), though it's only dual x8 SLI (if that matters to you).

    (But in reality, I would try hard to remain sober when upgrading a 3-year old platform, and not do anything above "maintaining" it: my M2N-E was my main box until 2 months ago, but it's just a backup now.)
  6. pilode,
    LOL Its either fix the system I mentioned so I have a chance at some halfway decent gaming or continue using what I have (brace yourself):
    Athlon 1.8 2200
    1GB 333mhz ram
    Machspeed Mb
    9800 Pro 128MB
    2 80GB WD HDs
    Audigy card
    THIS system was to be my holdover until I got a real system...and that was six years ago. :o :D

    Fixing the new one should last me a while...I hope...can't afford to do more right now and the total cost for the fixer-upper will be ~$500.

    Thanks for the input on the MBs guys. I've been browsing those manufacturers.
  7. are you buying the fixer-upper from your coworker for 500? because if you are, you are being ripped off...just wanted to let you know...
  8. Upgrades to systems are NOT what they were six years ago. An upgrade to a system is a 1-2 year process. What you need is an overhaul.

    1. Figure out what you want for your next system.
    2. Find what you can keep for your next system build.
    3. A good gaming system shouldn't cost more than $500.
    4. A great gaming system shouldn't cost more than $1000.
    5. A great gaming system and workstation shouldn't cost more than $1500.
  9. Ahslan,
    No, he is getting $150 for the above mentioned parts plus a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and fan monitor. I've been pricing out what a MB, HD, OS, and router will cost and have allowed up to the ~$500 cost for everything.

    WD HD 500 Black - $65
    XP Pro - ~$145
    MB - $110 (I've see a couple prospects at this price)
    Router - $80 (LINKSYS WRT54GL - has excellent reviews on Newegg)

    This puts me $50 over...crap...I just figured out I need another set of speakers, too :pfff: and a powerstrip/surge protector :fou: .

    El Capitan,
    I've been trying to do what you've mentioned. Looking for a MB that can take newer chips than the 5600 and still keep the board. There are a few items that can be switched from the build system to a future one and still work well enough for me...hopefully. I don't need the latest and greatest to have fun, but enough to not get aggravated by minimum performace like what I'm using right now (see previous post). Considering what I play, this fixer seems pretty good fo the price. I don't mind paying a bit extra for quality and durability rather than anything thrown together just to make it work. This guy said he could play Crysis and thats more what I currently play (BF2 online and occasionally 1942/Desert Combat with a friend who has an older system than I :pt1cable: ).
  10. I would seriously spend money on just an AM2 motherboard for around $50 or less. If you're looking to upgrade to a faster CPU in the future, you're going to want to move on to DDR3 memory. Any motherboard that supports AM2, AM2+, and AM3 will only support DDR2 memory. If you do upgrade your CPU in the future, your bottleneck will be the DDR2 memory.
  11. well that router is pretty pricey for just a g router... you could probably get an N router for that price... you could also save money for now by using windows 7 RC instead of XP (unless you absolutely need it)
  12. He's using Windows XP, possibly 32-bit, with 2GB RAM. He should just stick with WinXP with that much memory.

    He doesn't need an N router. If he's using his computer next to the router, I'd stick with using an ethernet connection and a refurbished $35 Linksys WRT54G.

    I'd stick with the WD Caviar Black for $60, though, but get another 2GB stick of DDR2 memory (in case he does get a 64-bit OS).
  13. If he already has XP, then there is no point in purchasing XP again...Just saying... I would also try to use ethernet over wiFi...I just suggested an N router because it's the newest kind and they can be obtained at the sane price range
  14. El Capitan,
    I was thinking about the upgrading situation today and think you're right on the MB. By the time the fixer needs to be put out to pasture (and I have the $$$), it would be stupid to think about upgrading it. Good call.

    I didn't see that it was a G and I made a mistake, its only $55. I'll look for an N as it will serve me better for future use. Stereos are hooking up to home wireless connections and that would be something I'd like to be prepared for. I'll look into it, though, and see what might works best for me. I really have been just looking at MBs (so many) to begin with.

    Can I install my version of XP (32 bit) onto the fixer or is that not possible (using same copy for two computers)? I haven't bought anything yet. I've heard there are problems with W7 and BF2/PunkBuster.

    My plan is for the two systems to be connected side by side by cable, the old one for internet, music, etc. and the fixer just for gaming so I don't have a load of garbage on it to slow it down.
  15. ^im not sure, but if you happen to have the cd key from the other computer...then technically you can do it (just dont tell MS about it...)

    and about BF2 with W7, you're probably right...I couldnt play BF2142 when i installed Vista and that was the reason i went back to would think they would have solved this problem already considering its been an issue since Vista came out.....that kinda sucks hard...
  16. Usually you won't be able to use the same copy for two computers, but if you end up having to call, just tell them you upgraded your computer and needed to re-install windows.
  17. The fixer is not coming with any HDs or OS. He bought a laptop to replace the tower...hmmm...I'll ask if he has the OS since he HAS to have had one already on the laptop.

    I'm taking a hard look at this MB:

    Some people have worked out the bug and have no problems w/ BF2, but others still couldn't use W7. Weird.
  18. Looks like a good board. Gives you an option to upgrade to a Phenom II later, and better/more DDR2 memory, but no SLI/Crossfire.

    I had issues with installing some older games on Windows 7, but found it was my Antivirus software that caused the problems and not Win7. Try right-clicking on the .exe and setting compatibility mode to Windows XP. That works sometimes.
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