Overclock gtx 295 safe limits


I was wondering what would be safe limits on overclocking my BFG GTX 296. at the moment it is running

Clock 576
Memory 999
Shader 1242

The rest of my system stands at
CPU: i7 920 @ 3.26ghz
6gb tripple channel corsair @ 1284mhz - overclocked with gigabyte software
MOBO: gigabyte - X58 ud4
Case: Antec 900 - 2

I was tinkering with rivatuner but i am new to overclocking and wanted to know what are safe limits in terms of temperature and is there anything else i should be aware of

The temps i have at the min (idle) are:
GPU - 58c
PCB Temp: 55c

I hope you cn help


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  1. I'm trying to do the same with mine, interested to see what winds up here.
  2. Hi kill3rvill3 and welcome to Tom's forum.

    AFAIK GTX2xx series support 105ºC, but I'd not go above 70ºC-75ºC
  3. Thank you - i am looking forward to getting some of lifes hardware questions answered in here - combined with this answer and pyschoteddy's answers i have what i need - thanks all
  4. Your welcome, and I think that you can give to the temps range a little more size, 80ºC max.
  5. I tried OC'ing mine a while back and was getting artifacts at around 90C so I'd be careful. Then again, I think that may have been a faulty card, too. I can't remember if that was the one I RMA'd or not... Hmmm... (scratches head)
  6. Don't forget set your fan profile with afterburner, that increase the fan speed at the same time that temp rise.
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