60gb Vertex2 SSD w/ 1tb HDD optimal setup

I just purchased the 60gb vertex2 SSD from newegg and have been trying to find a good article on the best way to set it up for optimal speeds and have the 1tb HDD hold everything else. But I only find bits and pieces of information and even then the comments left are mostly negative. My highest interest is to run my games on the SSD as well as Windows7 pro.

However, I have read in a few posts that it requires a fresh reinstall of window for simplification purposes and to go into regedit and change drive mapping. Also I am not quite sure how to 'move' the pagefile and what exactly would benefit by placing it on the new SSD with the OS and games.

thanks for the help
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  1. Hi gatlin762 and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Clean Windows installation in AHCI mode u don't need do something else.
  2. Yeah, but is better clarify that before he try "clone" the current installation.
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