How to fix this? Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered

Hello guys, I have a GeForce FX5200 Graphic Card

Total Available Graphics Memory: 383mb
Dedicated Video Memory: 128mb

Im running Windows Vista Ultimate with the latest Service Pack 1 installed.
I have the driver installed on the computer, but whenever i play games like sims 2, and etc.

Popup error shows up, "Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered"

This nvidia forceware driver wont install for me:
ForceWare Release 100
Version: 100.65
Release Date: February 20, 2007
WHQL Driver

only the 96.85 forceware driver something will install

how do i fix it? please
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  1. You can't. Looking on Nvidia's site, they no longer support that card. 96.85 is where driver support ends for the FX 5 series.

    The driver may also be crashing. Did you turn down any settings? I've never played it, so I don't really know if it's that graphically demanding, but on the Sims 2 site, it says the more graphics memory the better, so IDK.
  2. Hmm i see. But is there any way to fix the error? Cause i dont want to downgrade on XP :P

    I love vista. hehe.
  3. I had this problem with my old XPS Laptop which had 2x8800MGTX + VISTA HP on it and i couldnt fix it at all,i tried many drivers but they didnt help,a friend recommended me to install XP but i didnt (because i had sold it :D ) i recommend u to do test with XP and see if its fine or not
  4. its not because your card is "out of date" or because you need to install the drivers again i went throgh all that. i had spent 3 hours doing what everyone had said and noone was correct. all i did was shut off the computer pull the card out, reinstall it and rollback your driver if that didnt work and there you go. i know it seems silly but trust me it works.
  5. ur better off getting a new card.....its worth it....
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