New computer wiring help/guide?

Im building a computer and ive pretty much have everything installed but the wiring is so confusing. I think i have most of the stuff right but im not too sure and i dont want to try to start it up and completely fry my computer...if that is possible. I have a XFX 750i sli nFORCE motherboard if that helps anyone trying to help. so if anyone knows of any online website that has a wiring guide a link to that website would be great....

Also can i use the wires that you connect straight from the PSU to the other devices? for EX) from the video card to the PSU...or do u have to use the cables provided by the video card?

anyones help would be great.
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  1. You have a motherboard manual .

    the 24 pin power connector from the power supply plugs into the mb

    the 4 0r 8 pin power connector from the power supply plugs in to the mb .

    Power leads need to plug in to hard drive , optical drive etc . The data cables need to connect from these devices to the mb .

    The front panel headers will connect POWER , power led , reset , hdd activity led. Follow the manual . The leads will be clearly marked . The leds wont go if the polarity is wrong but that wont damage anything . Just reverse the wires if they dont light up .
    There will be a small speaker either in the case or with the case . Little black thing with 2 wires hanging out . That will plug in somewhere near the front panel connectors . Its very useful to have this in place . It will make that nice single short beep to tell you your computer can POST

    Check your power supply is set to the correct voltage . Some cheap ones have a switch to change between 110 V and 230 volt supply . If it doesnt have this on the back it sets its self and you are ok .

    Now plug it in and press the button .

    [ if there are sparks and huge explosion that flattens your house it was your fault :p ]
  2. The cables provided with the video card are in case your PSU is an older one that doesn't have the 6 (or 6+2) pin PCIE power connector. You would use a pair of molex connectors from different wires and connect the 6-pin end into your graphics card.
    This is NOT the same thing as, and not interchangeable with, the 4 or 8 pin CPU power connector. They are keyed differently so it should be difficult or impossible to switch them, but this is probably the easiest way to bake something.
  3. ya i got all the easy stuff down and i think i got everything set up now i just gotta organize all the wires in there cause they are all over the place

    thanks for yalls help
  4. I don't know what case you are using willits but you can sometimes run all the cables up behind the motherboard tray and though some openings on the back of the case - requires you to take the back panel off and make use of cable ties.

    It looks good when you get it all sorted but is more faffy than the just-plug-it-in method.
  5. i have a cool master centurion 5
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