9800gtx shoots up high temperatures

hello guys...
iam having some problem with my xfx 9800gtx+ 512mb graphic card...
the avg idle temp shoots upto 61 to 64 degrees celcius
when i play game it gets even higher ...say 75 and above and the game freezes...
pls help me how to solve my problem....iam a beginer and dono abt overclocking and stuffs...so pls help me..

i read thru the forums saying tat 9800gtx avg idle temp shud be aroun 50-55 degrees..
i dono y my gpu is heatin up a lot....

thanks in advance...
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  1. Nice grammar :kaola:

    You will need to increase the fan speed...google maybe?
  2. google? is this ur answer???? bro ive already tried google..cudnt get proper solutuion...
    pls heklp me to get my graphic card temperature down....i dono y it suddenly shhot upto 61 degrees at idle state and even when i start my pc after 8 hrs break....
    i read avg idle temp is only 46 to 50 recently..pls help
  3. Spellcheck is your friend, sir.

    Try updating the drivers, download the newest ones from
  4. irkjab said:
    Spellcheck is your friend, sir.

    Try updating the drivers, download the newest ones from

    I felt i may have taken my....suggestion on his typos to far...i had to reframe

    Well since you can ...... ..... i can understand how you couldn't get much from google :sarcastic:


    GOSH i want to ... you so badly...can't even use google....*sigh*

    Here you go *expletive*
  5. thanks for quick reply..i have the latest driver installled...i have nvidia driver[182.50] on xp 64bit system
  6. Now if you're going to google it for him, might as well do it in style rewind :)


    I believe that rivatuner lets you adjust fan speeds. If you still get problems with the fan turned up, you might have a defective card.

  7. hello Rewindlabs....am not hear to fight or anything like that sort....all i want is a solution..
    i googled and each one is givin different answers...
    some suggest to tune the gfx card using riva tuner...and control fan speed..
    some say to manuallu overspeed the gpu fan...but i dont want to fry my gfx card...cos its only 30 days old...whenever i have any prob..i post it in this forum...i get replies and my prob is over...very simple
  8. Use the first link in the link i posted....
  9. Ntune also lets you control fan speeds.

  10. aahh...thanks irkjab..ill try it now...

    if i want to google myself ...ill do it happily...why would i register in this forum and post my doubt here....??..
  11. :ange: :sarcastic:

    It took me 5 seconds on google to come up with the answer.... :sweat:

    Really you should learn up on your system if you doubt yourself so much to find software for it :pt1cable:
  12. rewindlabs:
    so wat is ur answer now????again try google?????
  13. @ irkjab, it does? I thought it was just a monitor?
  14. Yup, you can adjust fan speeds and overclock with Ntune. I don't think that it saves the settings though, so you'd have to reconfigure it after every reboot.
  15. @irkjab:
    r u sure it wont burn the gpu if we manually increase the settings in ntune??? iam little afraid if my gpu will get burnt....
  16. hi irkjab..
    when i try to manually increse the gpu cooling it says "the changes made were invalid and will not be applied"
    see the image and help me pls
  17. Turning the fan up in ntune won't fry your card.

    I've never got an error like that. Does it work if you set the fan to 100%?

    If it doesn't, try the fan settings on rivatuner.

    You won't have any chance of damaging your card unless you try overclock it.
  18. Try rivatuner
  19. atlast i got it...i added a new rule for gpu fan on the ntune...and now the fan tem is working fine...thanks for ur kind info irkjab....now i used gpu-z to check my gpu temperature...and its 52 degrees at idle and even when i play gta4 it doesnt shoot up higher than 60degrees...thanks a lot
  20. A good cleaning never hurts, either. Dust is your enemy.
  21. Wrecks said:
    A good cleaning never hurts, either. Dust is your enemy.

    very good point.
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