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Some one inabled security on my WGT624 netgear wireless router and now when i try to get on the internet using it it wants a security password is there away to bypass this.
I have already reset ithis didn't work either. Some one told me it sounded like it had been flashed is there away to change this back so I can use it? Or is it just a over sized paper weight on my desk now.
Please someone help me.
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  1. Connect an ethernet cable between the computer and router. Log in to the router's setup screen by typing its IP address (usually or into your browser's address bar.

    You should be greeted by a login box Username is admin Password is usually password (though someone may have changed that) *

    If you get into the setup screens, go to wireless settings, security and replace the passphrase with one of your own invention, select a security type (WPA PSK TKIP is sensible) . Write down passphrase.

    Check Access by List settings (this allows you to include only computers/wireless adapters with known MAC IDs) disable this if it has been enabled.

    Exit and save.

    Go back to your computer's wireless setting and apply the passphrase you created and the wireless security type you chose.

    Disconnect ethernet cable and see if you can connect to the router by wireless.

    *In which case press the reset button on the router socket panel.
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