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I have the chance to refurbish and donate 20 PC's to people in my Community ( I work for a local Community Living Association ) but I am in desperate need of some help. The PC's were donated from our local Mill but all have SOYO motherboard SY-71WB rev 1.0. And of course SOYO is no more and this MB seems to have disappeared from the net. I realize these are quite old PC's but they do run win98 sp3 very well and would mean a-lot to their recipients.

If anyone has a .pdf of the manual or some info on the MB jumper settings you will make some people very happy.

Thank you, any help would be appreciated.
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    Second page of search results after googling "soyo sy-71wb" gave me this:

    It looks like it may be a pay site. Otherwise, I also came up dry.
  2. Thanks jsc, I checked out that site but it had no use full info, Thanks for checkin tho.

    I think I will just have to test by trial and error, Bios has pretty good voltage stats on it so while I may fry a couple of the Boards at least I will find something out eh. I just realized these boards have onboard VGA (of course jumpers to control it ) Well I can at least get them working well enough to run win98 sp3 with XP Kernel so these things will be very good Net PC's with very little overhead.

    Thanks for taking a look into this everyone.
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