Dual monitors - Play game on #2

I have a 24" and a 22" monitor

The 22" is the newer of the 2, with much nicer contrast ratios
but I prefer the 24" as my working screen.

How can I tell games to launch on the 2nd smaller monitor,
as they always launch on the default 'main' screen.

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  1. Try setting the 22" as the primary monitor.
  2. Way to state the obvious, that wasn't the question.
    I want to know how to play games on the other monitor
    without it being the primary one.
  3. things like games allway run off of the primary monitor, (im 99% sure about this)
    but the only work-around i can think of is running the game in windowed mode, other than that i cant think of any other way besides PaCanc's
  4. Ya no, if your runnign a game that has a patcher liek say PWI jsut launch it drag it to lcd you want then it should run off that one every time. If that dont work you can launch game in window mode move to screen you want then resize. then it should launch every time there. All my games launch off 2nd disply and im,vant,internet on 1st disply. Hope this helped.

    Now i have a question.

    I have the duel set up my only promblem is that when in fullsize in perfict world and i try to click on vent on other display it will min the game. Now this i need to fix . is there a way to play full screen on one and work on other ?????
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