I have a Raid 5 (4 x 2 TB HDDs) that I want to convert over to a non raid, but keep all the data. I don't have a way to store all that data anywhere else.

I setup my raid using Intel Rapid Storage Technology program.
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  1. Ok, no response, found a possible work around though.

    Borrowed some externals, so I'm able to move some of the data. But not enough. Can I remove dish from the raid 5, reformat it and then use that disk to transfer the remaining data on the raid 5 to it?
  2. It is best that you use an external storage to transfer the rest of the files. Reconstructing a broken set is quite lots of time to wait.
  3. Yeah you will have to back it up onto externals, when you delete the raid array it makes the data unusuable.
  4. I would use It's cheap and unlimited, and especially hand for situations like this. There are other off site back up solutions but this is my favorite.
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