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I have had my i7 920 system running nicely for about 6 months. However, in the last couple weeks it has started freezing up on me and I'm not sure why.

My rig consists of:
i7 920 & 2.66Ghz
Asus P6T Deluxe v1
BFG Nvidia GTX 260 @ stock speed
6GB Patriot Viper Series @ 1600
Corsair 620W Modular Power Supply
CoolerMaster V8
Seagate 7200.12 1TB
Seagate 7200.11 750GB
Antec 900 v2 Case
21.5" Samsung Monitor @ 1920x1080

It started doing it when I was playing Call of Duty 5, however it is now doing it whenever it wants. I originally installed the new Nvidia drivers but I reverted back to the old ones when my problems started happening. I ran Prime95 and initially it would only take my CPU to 94%. After a restart it appeared to run fine. I went to bed and after about 6 hours it started crapping out. It was originally finishing the tests on each worker about the same time, but as time went by, one worker kept lagging behind. As time goes by, it got further and further behind before the system eventually froze.

I then ran MemTest86 and it crapped out after 7%.

I'm confident I have enough power behind it and my temps are good.

Any suggestions as to what it might be or any ideas of tests I can run?
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  1. What do you mean MemTest86 crapped out at 7%? The test failed to complete? It found a problem?

    The drivers seem to be a potential cause. Uninstall your drivers once again, run drivercleaner, then reinstall.
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