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i used to have in internal dvd writer, and an external dvd writer, but i never used thje internal one, the external was better.
i gave the internal one to a friend, now the external one won't work. i've been told to uninstall the internal one because the pc is still looking for it... i don't know where to look for the uninstall option.
i have windows 7.
thanx xxx
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  1. If the drive is out of the computer, there is nothing to uninstall. Does Windows see the external drive but just does not write to it? How is the drive not working exactly?
  2. It shouldn't be that way. In windows 7 should detect the external drive, make sure it is powered up and plug-in securely into your computer.

    You can check it under the Device Manager if it is detected, if not try re scanning it. Try un plug the drive then plug it again (or plug it to the other usb slots).
  3. when i first installed the external drive, windows found it straight away...
    i've only started having trouble since i removed the internal one
    if theres a dvd in the drive, window explorer (i think that's what it is) (it' pinned to the task bar) knows it's there, and the cd icon keeps coming up next to the cursor, but this carries on for about half and hour, then tells me to insert a disk into the drive... ??????????????
  4. sometimes windows will find it, other times it wont... on the device manager page i cant find cd or dvd on the menu? am i missing it somehow?
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