Abit kn9 ultra and ati redeon 4850

i'm planning on buying a new Graphic card.
i decided to go for an ati radeon 4850.now i'm wondering if i'll get maximum perforemance combinig this card with my mobo.
as you know my mobo chipset is nvidia so will there be any problem?
should I go for a geforce instead of ati?
thx in advance
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  1. Any single graphics card will fit in any motherboard provided has the proper socket, such as a PCIe x16.

    The issue is for using 2 or more in Crossfire or SLI.

    As for maximum performance your CPU is what limits your graphics card. For smooth play you need sufficient RAM.

    If I knew more specs I could offer better advice.

    CPU, RAM, Hard drive, Windows version, Power Supply, intended games
  2. well heres my specs
    Cpu: Athlon x2 4600+ 2.4 ghz dual core
    Ram: 4gb dual channel bus 800 kingstone
    Windows:both xp(sp2) and vist(sp1)
    power 530 watt(not sure bout the brand)

    I just wanted to know that:
    is there a lot of difference(regarding performance in games like fallout 3 or fracry2) if I use ati4850 with a mainboard with nvidia nforce chipset instead of a mainboard with amd chipset.
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