$200 Budget Upgrade!

I'm running an AMD Athlon 3500... with 4GB DDR2 and a 500gb Hard drive...
I was thinking about buying a new motherboard and processor, but keeping the ram...
Giving my $200 budget should I stick the Phenom/Phenom 2 and DDR2 ? or should I wait longer and get a new mobo/cpu/ram ?
Any suggestions with Mobo/CPU choice will be greatly appreciated...
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  1. What speed is your RAM?
  2. My ram is DDR2800.
    I mainly use my computer for programming and browsing the Internet, I don't do any gaming or anything...
    It runs pretty good now but I just wanted to do a mobo + processor upgrade...
  3. For a few dollars more this would be a great upgrade. Especially since Intel doesn't use faster RAM:

    The motherboard is top notch and the processor is quite a bit faster. You could even overclock it a bit with the stock cooler or upgrade the cooler later to OC further.
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