Computer Shuts Off!? Possibly Overheating? Buzzing Noise.. Help!

About a month ago my pc made this buzzing noise, not like an internal beep more like a high pitch buzz, that could be mistaken for a weird tone beep. After some time, the sound got worse, and instead of stopping and starting, it was becoming continuous. Then sometimes, after a continuous buzz, the computer would shut off.

Usually this only happened when my computer was hard at work or I connected the tv to the second slot on my shitty Radeon 2400 xt video card and ran two 1080p screens at once. Either way, it happened randomly otherwise, but always when my video was overloading. One day I opened it up while it was making the noise to try to see where it was coming from, I unplugged the video card, tv tuner, and wireless cards, and still heard the noise. I think it might be the motherboard, or maybe the fan?

I ordered a new heatsink, and will borrow some Arctic Silver 5 to see if i can cool things down. However I live in the attic of my college house and it gets very hot up ther especially this time of year. I dont know how to keep it cool, of course I don't need to overclock I just want it to run as smooth as it can. I only have one case fan, my parents bought the computer stock, which is irritating, if you need specs, it's a gm5664, comes with a phenom 9600 quad core. I also need advice on how to apply the thermal paste. Any help is much appreciated!

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  1. List your power supply model, wattage, and 12v amp rating which is on the label. Could be time for a new one. For the thermal paste, clean both the cpu and heatsink surfaces with fingernail polish remover or isopropyl alcohol. Apply a single drop of paste in the center of the cpu lid, and use a single edge razor blade or old credit card to spread it evenly on the top. All you need to do is fill in the tiny crevices on the lid to make good contact with the heatsink. Too much and the heatsink pushes it out to the side creating a gooey mess.
  2. My Fx7020 with the same board gm5664 was doing the same thing. You need to clean the dust out with a co2 spray bottle. the dust realy gets into the cooling block and makes it get hot and it shuts down. Clean your fans they get dirty and make that noise. now its very quiet!
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