Overclocking makes my PC slower -.-

Hi all hope you can help.

I have the following system:

ASUS P5N-D (Bought from Overclockers)
E6500 Dual Core (Bought from Overclockers
Corsair 4GB (see below) (Bought from Ebay)
NVidia Geforce 8800GT 512 (Bought from Overclockers)
500GB WD HDD (Bought from Overclockers)

This was a budget build and some parts was acquired of Ebay (big mistake). Having read variour reviews I understood my CPU capable of 3.5 without breaking a sweat... when I Overclock to 3.31 using AI Suite it sometimes POST messages saying "Overclock failed!!! hit F1 to enter BIOS". In addition and the main annoyance is that it seems slower. The otherhalf plays Sims 3 and it lags like mad after the overclock on full settings, but set at default speeds runs perfectly :-/

In addition, an old Game some of you may know, Homeworld 2 again freezes and jump frames post overclock? While I built the machine myself, it was with a view of a gradual update over the course of next year but I expected more having had a AMD64 Chip before. I would use BIOS as opposed to AI Suite if I knew anything about overclocking without blowing everything up.

Finally: I understood my XMS Ram to run at 1066Mhz but in CPU-Z it says its running at 400Mhz? Have I been had :heink:

Many thanks for any help and sorry if this has been a clueless idiotic ramble but you guys seemed to know what your on about so thought I would ask.


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  1. Hey-
    Well i would advise to only oc in bios- increase fsb, increase v core by a little -
    your pc might be slower due to in been oc badly- disable any oc, and start from scratch in bios-
  2. How exactly are you adjusting settings? Are you dropping your FSB speed and increasing multipliers? This may explain the slow RAM.

    And +1 to range's suggestion, you need to do this in the BIOS, most software apps suck, to be frank.
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