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Hi, I just purchased a 1tb NAS hard drive yesterday from Tiger Direct. I connected it to the router and then tried installing the software on my main computer (the only one that is wired to the router). It has XP running on it. Even before the installation completed, the blue screen of death appeared. It doesn't matter how many times I restart the computer, it just goes right back into the blue screen. The message says the the problem appears to be in file QSFSFLTR.SYS and that the driver unloaded without cancelling pending operatons. Needless to say, I am very hesitant about putting the CD into either of my other 2 systems (a desk top running XP and a laptop running Windows 7). The other 2 systems see the new hard drive on the network and through the laptop I have been able to copy some files onto it. But I know that it should be configured further but don't want to risk putting the CD into the other computers. Any suggestions would be very helpful, such as getting rid of the blue screen and finishing the installation properly. Thank you, Dave
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  1. Make sure the installer is for Windows XP, You can try installing to Windows 7 instead. Uninstall the one you put in Windows XP. There are lots of things in their site and the manual.

    That's ok - it will work.
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