ATI CCC edit: can you lower default fan speed - and still auto cool?

I have an Asus 4850 Glaciator and it's great but the fan noise when it's idling is very loud and very unnecessary as it's idling under 38 Degrees.

I know i can manually lower the fan speed through ATI CCC but this means you have to remember to manually adjust the fan all the time when using applications/games. My question is:

Is it possible to make a profile edit that will set the default idle speed to whatever i want but will, also, still allow the fan to automatically speed up when it's under load?

I've tried some profile edits but they rigidly stick the fan to one speed.

Does anyone know the code for such an edit?


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  1. Thanks for the reply.

    They don't when i've manually set the fan speed via the CCC - they stick rigidly at that speed. (Or at least, they do on my system.)

    I've just ran furmark to double check and the temps crept up but the fan did not increase in speed.

    Should it have - even though i've used the manual fan setting? (If it should have i may have a compatibility problem with the Asus and CCC.)

  2. There may be a VGA BIOS flash for your card. I was at the Asus site but didn't specifically see the "glaciator name" but did see a BIOS update for an HD4850 concerning overheating ( fan control ).

    Again, you MUST flash the correct BIOS.

    I've heard some people say their fan control worked in XP or Vista but not the other way around.

    Of course ensure you have the latest video drivers from the AMD site. Actually you want to update the entier "suite" which is basically the Drivers and CCC.

    I can't think of any other advice. There may be custom fan-speed controls like speedfan but I don't recommend that route nor do I think I know of much usage (yet) with graphics cards.
  3. An Asus should come with that smartdoctor (or something) software that lets you set your own fan speeds depending on temps. If not, you can do it on rivatuner.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys and girls.

    Thanks jennyh, my bad, i neglected to mention I’m still testing what's been a very challanging build (1 faulty gfx card rma'ed and faulty memory) which is why I haven’t installed smartdoctor. I've always used the ATI drivers from AMD and so have always used CCC. Smartdoctor will probably have to be an option to explore if i can't tailor CCC to my needs.

    Strangerstranger, my temps have hit 65 degrees in furmark when using the manual mode but no change in fan speed - i figured it should have kicked in by then if it was going to. When i use the auto setting the fan kicks in as soon as temps begin to rise - and that's from a starting point of 40 degrees.

    Thanks photonboy i'll look into the BIOS option - but it sounds like mine has the new BIOS as it runs very cool - even under load. I haven't seen it go above 70 degrees yet. Oh, and see sig for spec and drivers.

  5. Yeah I have a 4870 but I don't use smartdoctor, it's a bit...weird tbh. Also, after i installed it it broke my 3dmark, no idea why.

    It should let you set your fan speeds to what you want though.
  6. Thanks again, jennyh.

    I shall look into smartdoctor in greater detail when i'm certain this rig is finally stable - it's looking promising so far...

  7. Really?!!

    If that's the case i wouldn't use it - as i would like the fan to kick in around 70/75 degrees at the very latest.

    Odd that it kicks in immediately on auto mode with the fan idling at 50% but yet in manual mode it waits until the gpu temp is just 20 degrees off critical.

    Seems nuts - in my over cautious and conservative view.

    Thanks for getting back to me on that strangerstranger - appreciated.

  8. You really should be contacting ASUS Support.
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