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Alien babies

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March 26, 2005 12:11:00 AM

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Created a Family I called the Daddy Family. Three brothers, all
knoweldge sims. With the help of the lovely flamingoes, and Aging Off,
They were all kidnapped and preggers. It takes about a week and a half
of serious stargazing to get kidnapped. They preferred the blonde. I
have noticed that that Daddy's Eyes do affect the babies. One custom
eyecolor (purple) was transmitted to his son, and the oriental gent's
eyes were transmitted. I expected huge black eyes, and his son's were
narrow slits of black. The purple-eyed baby had normal size eyes. Only
one of the girls had really huge eyes. Thanks to the flamingoes, the
babies were happy to wait in their cribs until all cribs contained a
baby. Then I turned aging back on, and they all tried to have their
birthday on the same day. Tweena didn't have anyone to hold her, so she
waited a day, and little Tommy was bugged. He kept getting the "have a
birthday" happen in the queue, and I traded him off between his dad and
his uncles. But he didn't actually have his birthday for 2 days.

But now it's a family of 5 toddlers... :) 

I like this process. I may have to do a couple more daddy families, so I
can breed more. :) 


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March 26, 2005 7:20:11 PM

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georg wrote:

> I like this process. I may have to do a couple more daddy families, so I
> can breed more. :) 
> -georg

Oh, and out of 6 aliens, no twins. The one time I let them woohoo in the
normal way, and that's when I got twins. And that Remington who is the
daddy, is maid at the other houses. He wolf whistles at the mail lady
*every* time he sees her. Harrumph. See if he ever woo-hoos again.