Gtx 470

I am very new to OCing so please don't use the vocab involving it. Keep it simple!

I have a i7 950 currently running at stock
The gtx 470 fermi 625 mhz running at stock
and Sabertooth x58 as the mobo.

I have never overclocked before and what should I be careful of?

They're all together in a haf 932 case.

I play starcraft 2 and it runs nice, but if it can run nicer, then why not?

What settings do I want to change and how do I go about changing them? Is it as simple as using EVGA precision?

I am really new to this and want to thank you guys for taking the time to help out a new person to OCing.

Thank you guys x100000

The card I have is

I got it when it was like 219 dollars.
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  1. Hi.

    1- The 1st thing that you need for overclock your CPU (a decent overclock) is a CPU cooler, air or LC. Mostly air coolers ae enough for decent overclocks. If you have the stock cooler, start to think in buy one.
    2- GPU are usually overclocked with the stock cooling that they have, in this case, the GTX 470 stock fan should be enough for a good overclock.
    3- Excellent mobo, pretty solid and friendly to get a very good overclock.
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