How to access new HDD - showing up but not really ...

I added a second HD to my computer today ( 600gb Velociraptor ) via the extra front bay on my Gateway.

When I check to see if the second HD is working, I cannot find it in the usual spot under the My Computer tab where you usually find all your drives and usb devices etc. It just does not appear to exist from what I can see.

So, I figured I'd check to see if it was being recognized under the Device Manager and it "is" showing up there.

Now I'm confused as hell. It appears to be recognized by the computer, but I have idea how to find or access it. I'm definitely quite green to this whole process as you can tell so it's possible I'm missing something very obvious.

Is there a need to format it or anything like that? And if so, can you suggest how I might go about this?

Thx in advance if you can help.

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  1. Ok, figured it out and will post my solution in case anyone else happens across a similar situation.

    I just assumed the new drive would be Plug n Play, but it was not. It needed to be formatted which I figured out through a bunch of googling. In the end, I found a link which walked me through how to set it up quite nicely. The link is designed for XP, but it was easy to figure it out for Windows7.

    Link is:
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    You did figure it out, It is also a good thing to name the drive so you can identify it on your My Computer. In windows 7 it gets detected and initialize in windows XP you need to do like what you saw in the link above.
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