Resource Conflict - PCI Mass Storage Controller in Slot 05 - Error!!

Hi all,

I have a desktop with a couple of hard disks attached to it. Windows XP, Intel 4 2.80 Ghz.

Everything was working fine until yesterday night, today morning when i wanted to turn on my PC, i see this msg during the startup process.

Resource Conflict - PCI Mass Storage Controller in Slot 05
Bus:02, Device:0A, Function:00

Press <F1> to resume, <F2> to Setup

This happens in the bootup process.
Nothing happens from here on.

Note: Before this message, there are two beeps from the MB... then this msg.

Kindly help.
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  1. Clear CMOS and try.
  2. Hi, how do i clear CMOS. Also i went into the boot setup, and checked what device is attached on Slot 5.
    It shows
    Device Vendor : Symbios/LSI
    Card Vendor : Symbios/LSI

    Now what is this.
    I removed all the other hdd's, cdroms connections.. Just have the primary hdd running now..
  3. Ok, through some online help i got to know how to clear CMOS, tried pressing insert key while turning on the PC.. tried both, once with insert key, then agian with delete key.
    Still i get this msg. :(
  4. ^Open up the case and remove the battery for 20-30seconds. That will clear the CMOS.
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