I3 540

Hello there

Basically I'm just interested to see some OC results using this chip. I ran Prime 95 for 9 hours to check for stability with my setup.
My components are:

i3 540 @ 4.2ghz 200x21
CNPS7000C-Cu LED Zalman HSF 100% Pure Copper
Crucial Ballistix DDR3 1333mhz @ 1200mhz 6-6-6-20 2 x 2gb
Cooler Master GX 550w

Check one of my sigs for cpuz validation page.

Just wondering if anyone has got significantly higher stable overclocks with different mobo/ram/psu
Or if anyone just can't get past "the wall"?
What settings are you using?
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  1. By the way in BIOS I'm at 1.41 qpi/vtt, 1.35v vcore 1.66v dram idle temps about 40*C 100% P95 load 75*C MAX
  2. Question. Do you have LLC on or off. I'd guess on. IMO for non turbo OC it should be ON.

    You can lower VTT if you raise Vcore.

    Like my i5 750, your Tcase (max temp) is 72.5C and your max voltage is 1.4V (QPI/VTT as well as Vcore)
  3. I have seen settings producing 4.4ghz out of the i3 540 but I couldn't seem to get there, will try the vcore increase, qpi/vtt decrease and report back.

    And yes I do have LLC disabled, would you recommend turning this on?
  4. Yes for non turbo, LLC will stabilize the Vcore. Your current 1.35 Vcore is probably only giving 1.28V under load, but with LLC you'll get that full 1.35V so you can drop Vcore down too if you turn it on.

    I find it's good to turn LLC off for Turbo Boost enabled OCs because it'll run higher voltage at the higher speeds/lower voltage at lower speeds. Saves a few degrees C
  5. I've tried hundreds of different settings to try and get higher but won't budge, I think I might have reached the hardware limit tbh, but I don't mind too much, I recently got a x58a-ud7 and am saving up for 980x, this is just my gf's computer, so she won't mind, I just couldn't help but try and get higher ;)

    Cheers anyway.
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