Artifacts at stock clocks :(

So, I got a HD 5570 (stock - 650|800)and decided to overclock it a bit. I bumped up the core and memory 50MHz, ran ATITool for 30 minutes and played GTA 4 for a little while to check stability. It was all fine, so i bumped it up another 50MHz (750|900) I did the same tests as before and it was fine. I then put up the memory to 930MHz and everything was good. By now, at full load my temps were reaching only 50C max. So i load up GTA 4 and run the benchmark tool, but while it's loading i get a BSOD.

So i turn my pc back on and immediately use ATITool. And i got HEAPS of artifacts. It didn't say there were any errors, just delta things and there was heaps of yellow lines everywhere. So i downclock my video card 20MHz at a time to see if it becomes stable. I get back down to stock speeds and it's still showing artifacts :( So, i take my new video card out and reboot. I enter the BIOS and put my onboard HD 4200 core back to 500MHz and save. I go back to windows and run ATiTool, and sure enough i still had artifacts. So i test different resolutions and it turns out the artifacts only appear at the resolution 1152x648 and above. So i run ATITool once again, and it still has artifacts, then i click the close 3D window button, then i click scan for artifacts agin and no artifacts show up... I am really confused as to what is causing the artifacts and any help would be much appreciated :) Could it be because of corrupted software such as drivers? Thanks.

Extra details: im using windows 7 ultimate 64bit
i have a gigabyte hd 5570 DDR3 model
my mobo is a asus m4a785td-m evo
i have a phenom 550 3.1GHz cpu

Some photos: (cause screenshots don't seem to capture the artifacts...)

screenshots (just incase they do show up)
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  1. - check rail PSU ( Not enough Power )
    - Check temperature (overheat for VGA )
    - Check Fan VGA (slow rolling / full dust )
    - VGA onborad still Active ? (VGA Onboard must Disabled)
  2. 1. i have the PSU that came with the Thermaltake V3 case, which has a 14A 12v rail and another 15A rail. I think. here is the specs incase i'm wrong: EDIT: I believe if you open up the PSU, it's really only a 350W PSU.

    2. My temps are fine for the video card, however the northbridge temps are a bit high (50C idle - 65-70C load)

    3. My video card fan is fine, and the northbridge only has a heatsink. Niether have much dust on them at all.

    4. The HD 5570 is my Christmas present, I had the HD 5570 to test for a bit. So, i am now using my onboard ONLY. The artifacts started while using the HD 5570, but I'm still getting artifacts even with the onboard.

    So i was wondering could it be because of corrupted drivers or something like that? Thanks you for helping :) I am only getting artifacts in set areas, and they don't change after a reboot. I am also only getting yellow artifacts on white-ish colours (ex: scroll bars and the imageshack background colour) and i get blue artifacts on the colour of my window borders (A brown, chocolate type colour) Thanks for any help :)
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    I would reinstall the drivers you have. Currently, the latest driver is 10.12.

    If that doesn't help, try previous drivers and see if it is something with the new drivers in your system.

    Good luck!
  4. swapped your PSU, 350watt not enough min 460~500W above , HD5570 consumed just 150W at idle and 208W full load
    Phenom II 550 = 80 waat for idle (more watt full load),2434.html
    other Hardware : Fan, HDD, need Power
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, i reinstalled drivers, which made the artifacts worse. Then i installed that new CCC and the artifacts have gone back to how they were.

    @henydiah How would i test if it is the PSU causing this, because i now don't have the HD 5570 in my pc yet i still have artifacts. Would a fresh OS install be an option? I just don't feel like buying a new PSU for $100. I don't even have that kind of money... Thanks for ll your suggestions so far.
  6. henydiah said:
    swapped your PSU, 350watt not enough min 460~500W above , HD5570 consumed just 150W at idle and 208W full load
    Phenom II 550 = 80 waat for idle (more watt full load),2434.html
    other Hardware : Fan, HDD, need Power

    That's total sytem power consumtion. Sapphire HD 5570 itself consumes only 40W max...
  7. HD 5570 40Watt ???? lol , give me review !
    Alright, so power consumtion of the reference card is 53W. Your card might consume a little more in case it's not a reference model but no more than 70! HD 5570 is only mid-end. Even my Gigabyte HD 5830 consumes only 175W at full load. Therefore a good quality 350W PSU will be enough. :kaola:
    And BTW have you tried underclocking the card under stock clocks?
  9. As i said earlier, i don't actualy have the card in my machine at the moment. I'm running it without the HD 5570 at all. So, the PSU is not the problem here. I will try new drivers and post back later. Thanks for suggestions so far :)
  10. Well, i tried CCC 9.12 and i'm still getting the same artifacts :( I've tried defragging, error checking, older drivers, everything i can think of... I've had a lot of BSOD's while using this computer and if they would help at all, how do i upload them? I'll be getting the card again tomorrow (early Christmas cause we're going somewhere else for Christmas :D) So i'll see if installing new drivers again for that card will fix it... Anyway thanks so far everyone, it means a lot to me :)
  11. Got the HD 5570 today and updated drivers and artifacts are gone for now! It looks like it was because i updated drivers for the HD 5570 before, then switched to the onboard and it wasn't updating properly or something (CCC must've though i still had the HD 5570 or something along those lines) Thanks everyone for helping!
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