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Hello all, it's my first topic in this forum. It's good to make part of this great hardware forum.

I have a question i think it's gonna be hard to answer.

I have a old computer here i want to sell but if i cant solve the problem with him i wont be able to sell it.

The problem: Motherboard wont boot if i turn the PSU off for some time. It turns on and off, on and off, on and off some times before it turns on then it appears a Corrupted BIOS BEEP and it turns off.

Sometimes the windows time comes wrong after that but the BIOS setup not. BIOS configurations will never be reseted.

What i DID?

I upgraded the BIOS to the lastest version.
I double checked the support of the motherboard in the chassis. Everything ok. Not any metal thing touching the motherboard.
I changed CMOS Battery. I changed CMOS Jumper. Cleared CMOS.
I tested all of the memory sticks and slots.
I tried turning the computer on with only motherboard+cpu+memory turned on.

As far as i can remember i did everything i could.

The post code when i turn the PSU on after long time off is just "F". Then i wait some seconds and a weird sound comes out of the speaker while the POST CODE changes fast to another one and then "01" which is the normal post code. Then i may be able to boot. If i dont wait that then the problem will happen.

Is my motherboard faulty?

I doubt there is something going on with some circuit inside of it.

Any help? Inforamtion should be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sounds like an issue I have with my IP-35. I currently just never unplug it, so I just live with it.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Stardude.

    It's interesting because i've seen many people using ABIT motherboards complaining about issues like the one we have with our ABIT motherboard.

    I'll try sending the motherboard to a company that does fix motherboards so they have electronics professionals to at least tell me what can be done or what can't be done.

    But maybe you're right, Stargate. Maybe it's something we have to live with. So now i think it's not a good business to sell it because i wont get the money i expected.

    Well. Time to plug another computer in my LAN network. :)
  3. Abit is dead if you didn't know, the website is unmanned an just there to fulfill warranty obligations.

    You are better off spending your money on a cheap G31 based board, IMHO. Unless there is an easy fix somebody can tell us about, any technician looking at your board will just be taking your money.
  4. Yeah i did read something about it somewhere. They did stop motherboard production, didnt they? :ange:
    ABIT really disappointed me... :ouch:

    As i know there is a difference between hardware technician and electronics technician. I may know many things about hardware but i know nothing about electronics. Many people told me that some of the common problems with motherboards there's an easy fix. But problem is that only they can do it because special tools and skills are needed. So i'm just planning to send the motherboard to someone i can trust and just ask if there is an easy way to fix it or not or how much would the fix costs... just to decide what i 'll do.

    Well. I have a new computer now i have built 5/6 months ago. Just nice. About this old computer... i'm not planning to buy another motherboard unless it stops working completely. And i won't sell it because no one is gonna buy it. :D So... i'll just replace one i have here witch is older than this one so i'll just use it normally until the motherboard stops working. GOD only knows how long it will live.

    I have to admit that i'm really surprised now that i know many ABIT users are having the same problems...
    But... yeah... thanks for the reply again.
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