Could i install 2GB ram and 4GB ram on the same mobo???

could i have 2GB and a 4GB on the same mobo i heard id have to use the same brand and capacity,please help
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  1. Yes, but you shouldn't expect them to work flawlessly if they don't have the same specs (other than the size). What are the part numbers of your kits?
  2. thier not kits they are single modules,the 2GB and the 4GB are SODIMM's at 1066MHz
  3. Is this for a laptop or a desktop? Don't you have a manufacturer/part number? 1066 MHz and PC2-8500 are the same speed.
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    Most motherboards will allow you to mix memory sizes, as long as you keep the corresponding DIMMs in each memory channel the same size. For example if you have a motherboard with a two-channel memory controller, you could have two 4GB DIMMs and 2GB DIMMs, but not 1 of one type and 3 of the other.

    But it does vary by motherboard, so you really need to consult your manual.
  5. sorry,its for a laptop and 2GB is SODIMMM 1066MHz and the 4GB is a PC2-8500 at 1066MHz
  6. It should work as long as the laptop supports 4 GB modules.
  7. it will support up to 2x4 @ 1066MHz
  8. Just make sure that it will support modules of a different size.
  9. hp said they dont know
  10. Then you'll have to find out by yourself...
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