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my name is sandra porter and i have already bought wildgame casino in 2009 my cp was infected but now is repaired and i have downloaded it back to my pc but it says i have timed out and need to buy caoins and i have no unlock numbeeer to get in. never had trouble before playing all of my games since i won the cd and have paid 6.99 for the game how do i play?
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  1. Hi Sandra [:tigsounds:4]

    You have arrived at Tom's in the Windows XP forum.

    You may have found us from doing a search at Google for and since others have also come here looking for them, it gets picked up by Google and next thing we know, someone else is looking for Wildgames.

    You are quite welcome to come here anytime with any actual computer problem and we will do our very best to help you. The problem we both have now is that we have nothing to do with

    If you return to Google (if that is how you arrived here), or just go to Google and enter " support" in the search window you will be shown many different departments of (the parent company of Wildgames).

    I'm not sure what department you need to communicate with, but when one is not correct, there's others to try.

    Good luck and do come back if you ever have a problem with your computer itself.

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