How to burn 4 cd at once


i want to burn 4 cd at once.

my pc

q9650 @ stock,cooler master hyper 212 gigabyte p45-UD3LR, saphhire 4870x2, ocz fatality 6400 2x2 gb ram, 700w psu,
seagate barcuda 7200.12 500 gb X 4, LG dvd rw X4 win 7 pro 64 bit.

my MB has only 6 sata ports so as i have 4 hard disk and 4 DVD writers i tried to use a sata to ide converter, but it does not work well, i tried to make 4 images of the cd( i want to burn) on 4 hard disk and burn then at once using nero 7. it works fine upto 3, but cant do with 4 drive.

is there any other way to burn 4 cd at once,

i tried using usb 2 flash drives to burn but it takes 10 min to burn a cd while normally it should take 2.3 minutes.

any possible way to do it. plz advice.
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  1. Try using a different program along with Nero.. IMGBURN, Ashampoo Burning Studio are a few for example..
  2. the problem does not look with nero but the hardware itself.......i dont know how does the sata ports on MB work best with so much of data flowing at once.

    does any body have any idea about sata to pci card performance???
  3. Honestly, from everything I've read, you could even go with a SATA that only runs at 1.5 and be just fine. I don't think burning saturates even SATA I.
  4. so could there be some recomendation about the order of connecting my hard disk and writters on the sata ports 0 to 5
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